World of Smiles is a match 3 puzzle game.

SpongeBob bubble match 3 puzzle

A puzzle game with a very popular genres match 3. It’s not available for iOS devices on the iTunes App Store.

     Sponge Bob Bubbles is a puzzle game with a very popular genre is now 3 in a row. The game is available for iOS devices.


     Without a doubt SpongeBob is a very popular cartoon character and that's what makes the game so popular with him. We used a ready-made, designed by us, the engine of the game, which makes the game unique. We basically did not use ready-made engines of these games that exist at the moment, and tried to bring something new to the genre of puzzles 3 in a row.


     We offer to try to plunge into a new world with Sponge Bob and feel the brilliance of the game.

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