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Why are my tables not transferred to other devices?

1. Check if the function enabled synchronization data in the application settings.

2. Check your iCloud account on all devices where there is no synchronization. The account must be the same on all your devices.

3. Try to update your device

How to restore a passcode?

The application provides the passcode restore function. If you entered the passcode correctly 5 times, and in some cases 3 times, the app itself offers to reset your passcode. For passcode restore provides for the purchase in the amount of 1 dollar. After the purchase you will see your password.

How to open Excel tables in other applications?

Click on the SEND tab and select the desired table, then tap OPEN IN... and you will see a list of apps where you can use your table. If after clicking OPEN IN... nothing happened, then you should install the software to work with xls files.

How to fill the cells?

When you first launch the app you can learn the basic functions of the application. Also in the settings app you can always view the basic tips. Also at the top of every table window INFO there is a button clicking on which you can learn how to fill the cells.

Why does my iPhone 4 tables filled slowly?

On older devices like iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s can really experience slight freezes when filling in the table cells. What would prevent the lock-UPS so the application can run faster? please go to the app settings and turn off data synchronization.

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