How we joined thousands of random-number generators into one large mega generator.

       Nowadays random calculation used very often, such as in sports. At the World Cup in 2010 animals were as such simulators. For example octopus Paul. This octopus got 90% correct predictions football matches. Coincidence or not, I do not know. Why some people are so confident in the predictions? This question remains relevant. But what happens if thousands of octopuses in a one moment will choose one side or point to the desired flag of team? Will this be a coincidence?


      This can be checked, we thought. With our mobile application which installed more than 200 000 users and every day, the app use thousand people.


      The main function of the app is answer of the question: Yes or No. This is a normal random-number generator. Sometimes the answer is correct, and sometimes is not. Some believe that you can not do the important decision by chance and it is truth, I thought. Some ask generator 10 times in a row, and based on the results obtained calculated the average number of positive and negative responses. But what if you combine several thousand random-number generators in a huge one mega generator and provide a response?


     And we did it. Here is a link to the app - Download!


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